WASTE: “Ass.i.wa.ma.”, the first International Waste Manager Association, experts in special waste management

The new-President Dino Jr Di Cicco announces: “Through the Association, that prefixes to become a referent point for professionals in the Waste business and companies or Institutions interested to new Circular Economy models, the Waste Manager assumes the task to support the companies until their waste becomes RESOURCES and not waste”.

The Social Promotion Association “Ass.i.wa.ma.”, established by a group of expert managers in the waste management and consulting, has the aim to have institutionalize the profession of “Waste Manager”, a professional that supports companies or Institutions for the correct management of special waste.

The birth of the Association comes from the sharing of experiences and skills to better the waste management of waste, simplyfing companies’ costs and supporting the companies in a healty and correct management of their waste.

The Association is guided by a dynamic team of professionals, that sees President the waste manager Dino Junior Di Cicco and Vice-President  the eng. Aldo Giovenchi, expert in management and valorization of landfills. Among the members of the Directive there is besides the responsible technician eng. Marco Sanna, specialist in design and technical direction of plants and the dr. Pietro Zullo, expert in management and recovery of environmental resources.

The Association aims to create a unique model of waste omologation through innovative digital systems, with the aim to facilitate the comunicative processes that involve the whole sector of waste.

The new- President declares: “ The italian business fabric is full of small and medium companies that today lack the necessary knowledge for the correct management of waste. They don’t have the staff or the adequate structures so that their waste become a resource, at the actual state they represent only a cost  for the company. We need to change our view of waste, not only for a social point of view but also for an economical point, in order to create the basis for a circular economy that projects us in a sustainable  future”.


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