The new frontiers of “Waste Digitalization”

According to a study conducted from “Frost & Sillivan”, the Digital Transformation impact in the world of waste and recycle will register revenues for more than 3.6 Billion by 2020.

Adopting innovative technologies and digital solutions for business models is creating new opportunities of development in the global sector of intelligent waste management. Intelligent systems, connectivity and cloud computing will have to have the priority over old models. The Minister Costa in the last interviews has shown the intention to definitely abolish the Sistri system, thus streamlining bureaucratic processes, in favor of the promotion of digital processes.

New techniques “smart” will take the place of the current ones in order to help the stakeholders involved, that rotate around the “waste” world.

With the advent of Digital Transformation, in addition to technical and monitoring benefits of waste, it will also be possible to develop new communication models between producers, transporters, laboratories and plants. The companies will have to equip themselves of systems like IoT or Big Data in order to be more effective on the market, thus being able to grab new slices of the market. The Partnerships with Digital companies will always become more fondamental, especially to develop and rinnovate the low-cost Business models and to personalize clients requests, thanks to dynamic digitalization models.

Up to now the waste collection has proved to be completely inefficent compared to its potential.

With the NEW DIGITAL ERA we can aim to an adequate integrated and interactive management for waste disposal. The new challenge to face is the DIGITALIZATION.


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