Classify, Characterize and Homologate: the basis to a correct management of internal company waste

Each company should learn to homologate correctly their own waste, firstly to safeguard the environment but also to manage at the best their waste, putting in place behaviours that minimize the negative environmental impact.

CLASSIFYING, CHARACTERIZING and HOMOLOGATING are the three fonamental pillars for the correct recovery and disposal of special waste.

The right use of the CER code helps the companies in the correct disposal of waste and so optimizing costs, protecting the environment! The homologating of a waste requires specific technical and scientific skills.

In this regard, a lot of plants ask the refiner and the producer of waste not only the suitable identification form for the accompaniment of the same to the final destiny, but also a characterization record card in order to economically evaluate the waste. The classifying, characterizing and homologatin process, if followed in a proper way, really permits to reach a circular Economy, where waste becomes a resource.


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