The intelligent waste management

We help companies to better manage their special waste, with suitable methodology and procedures for the disposal.


Digital Transformation

We exploit the waste-tech to evaluate risks optimizing the choice of services for a major potential growth.


The development of new jobs

We can define the figure of the Waste Manager as the greenest figure of the XXI century thanks to the task he performs and will perform in the future.


A unique model for describing and characterizing waste that accompanies the CER code and justifies the correct assignment and reporting useful information to the environmental service suppliers for a correct valuation of the disposal cost of every single waste in digital format.

The homologous digital waste system arises from the needs of the market for those who manage, classify, characterize and approve waste but also to make a correct assessment of disposal costs for each single waste.

It is a studied system to facilitate the activities and agencies responsible for the incoming inspections of waste managed by plants, transported or produced to better monitor the correct documentation in digital format.

It is thought to homologate every type of solid, liquid, dangerous, non-dangerous, urban and special waste.

Services & Solutions

We provide technical assistance for every Waste Management sector worldwide.

Waste Administrative Consulting
We offer specific consulting, administrative and documental to our clients, if requested, directly in their own offices. We verify the critical points of the waste management for small, medium and large companies.
Waste Manager Formation
We are the first association that represents the Waste Manager worldwide, this is why we have created the only formation course suitable for the future Waste Manager. The most requested figure in the environmental market.
Quality & Safety
We face daily these topics, now a priority for every kind of company, through the experience obtained during the years, we are able to offer a professional support to all of our associates.
Internationalization of Waste
The strong and fast globalization has permitted to institutionalize relationships, with enterprises for the intermediation and commercialization of waste worldwide and for the cross-border transport of waste.
Management of Installations
Through the experience of our principal partners, ASSIWAMA possesses the right Know-How for the design, organization, and management of installations of differentiation and treatment of urban and special waste, dangerous or non.
Research, digitalization and passion for the waste topics are the three elements of our VISION, committed to the simplification of digital process and where stakeholders linked to the waste sectors get served.
Company Sustainability
If future Companies will not be sustainable they will not have the possibility to continue existing. The Association wants to help companies to adopt a healthy environmental sustainability and protect their business from risks and sanctions.
Circular Economy
We do not buy just to consume something. The circular economy in Italy and in Europe costs around two thousand billion euros, for all the circular economy represents a prospective change in different industrial sectors.
Integrated Waste Circle
Innovation and experience available for all the subjects and companies that intend to be assisted by a Waste Manager expert in the organization of waste management services. Cost optimizations of management and valuation of the recovery and recycle are the main objectives of the association.

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Ethic Code

Correctness and discretion are the principles that base our Association.

The Waste Manager

The Waste Manager is a specialized professional figure that primarily operates in the Company’s view of small, medium and large companies and the main tasks he does are the analysis, monitorization and optimization of the costs of waste disposal.

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