We respect the environment

We are committed in the correct management of waste, for the protection of the environment.

A sustainable future
We are totally dedicated to the future of the new generations, that’s why we believe in the recycle.
We challenge the changement
We provide you all of our competences and technologies for your growth.
We sustain the research
We believe in innovation as a tool for development.
By your side
We help you to find the most sustainable solutions for your activity.


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Our ASSOCIATION is the expression of specialists, professionals, research university agencies, institutions and small, medium and large companies that follow the best practices in the waste area, respecting people’s health and environmental protection.
The birth of our Association derives from a great passion in the world of waste management and recycling, passion and experience brought by the founding members.
We support, develop and digitalize together with our associates, innovative techniques for waste management. We promote the use of new technologies and the growth of technical development, together with research centers, study groups and high value technologic start-ups. We provide all the educational tool at our disposal with the idea to sensitize those interested in extremely current issues.
During the years we have developed relationships worldwide, with the desire to represent and to give a voice to those who are interested in the environmental education and that want to become a Waste Manager.

  • +87% increase in green jobs.
  • Constant and sustainable growth
  • Improvement of the environmental conditions
  • Increase overall investments
Waste Manager
Waste Professionals
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% Growth Green Jobs


We are committed actively in the research for the study of the recycling and recovering of dangerous and non-dangerous waste.



Together with a professional team, we bring forward projects for the recycling of special waste.



We develop digital instruments for the simplification of the waste management.